The Best Versions of Us

This description of my work with kinesiology has been inspired by my passion for personal development: continuing evolution to better and better versions of self, using kinesiology as a tool to facilitate the magic to happen.

And this ability to evolve is not just limited to humans. Animals, plants and the planet are evolving as well. In fact, we are a big energy ecosystem evolving together and helping each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Let me explain how kinesiology is able to support this evolution in a powerful and positive way…

Magic of Kinesiology

When I first experienced kinesiology it seemed like magic to me… How can one just rub a few spots on the body and make a persistent ache vanish?... How can one regain a clear focus and get the creative juices flowing again with marching on the spot?...

As I entered my kinesiology training I began to understand the magic behind kinesiology practice and how to make this magic happen.

Kinesiology is a healing modality uniting the Eastern principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Western practice of chiropractic and osteopathy. It is classified as an Energy Medicine because it recognises that a person (or an animal) is essentially an energy being, energy that manifests itself on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Energy flows through energy channels referred to by the Chinese as meridians. Each meridian is connected with specific organs and specific muscles. A kinesiologist is able to assess the energy balance in the whole energetic body by connecting through the muscles to the individual meridians. This process is called ‘muscle testing’. Using muscle testing and a range of kinesiology techniques a kinesiologist is able to rebalance person’s energy blueprint and in doing so affect the balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

Even though, kinesiology works on the subtle energy level its results are powerful. Just like a butterfly, poster sign for the complexity theory, flapping its wings could cause hurricanes on the other side of the globe; the energy ‘tune-up’ with kinesiology smooths the path towards our desired goals. And suddenly what seemed impossible to achieve becomes easy.

Grazyna Witkowska

I am a qualified practicing kinesiologist and a kinesiology instructor.  My first career was in the field of Business and Information Systems.  I have had many roles in a range of private and public companies. I consulted in Information Management, Process Review and Automation, and Organisational Change.

During that time I became particularly fascinated with human dynamics and I decided to further my appreciation for it by studying Social Ecology. That was wonderful. I was able to explore many angles of understanding about processes of change and how people work within them but also how this process might change the individual.

Moreover, while spending time in the Richmond campus, often at the same time as the agriculture students, I remembered how I loved the rural environment and the animals. As a result my final research paper was not about the human dynamic but human-animal dynamic. …And my life was changed forever. Since that time I was more and more drawn to study, experience, and understand animals. I participated and presented at animal conferences and I embarked on Wisdom Studies – a wonderful program encompassing indigenous wisdom, western wisdom and the ways to reintegrate both.

Then it only took an illness that no one could help me with… to put me on my present path. Actually what happened I went to every doctor and specialist I could think of with no result. In fact they all said I was fine while I was not feeling fine at all. Encouraged by my neighbour not to give up, I remembered that in 1990’s I was very excited about kinesiology and what it could do. So I looked up a kinesiologist and made an appointment. For the first time since my injury, some 3 months prior, I felt better. Not ideal yet but significantly better.

Couple of years later I started to study kinesiology – at that time, with intension to focus on helping animals. In the process of my studies I realised that if I can work with people assisting them to be the best versions of themselves - then, indirectly, I would be also assisting animals as people who are best versions of themselves are also the best versions in their relation to other people and other creatures.

And this is how ‘The Best Versions of Us’ has been born.


  • Master Practitioner in Specialised Kinesiology (trained with Arthur Bablis)
  • Touch For Health Instructor (trained with Arthur Bablis)
  • Practitioner NLP and Timeline Therapy (trained with Geoff Dugan)
  • EFT Practitioner (trained with Arthur Bablis)
  • Master of Arts (Wisdom Studies), Ubiquity University, USA
  • Master of Education (Social Ecology), University of Western Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science (Computing), University of Technology in Sydney

Services and Accelerated Training

Kinesiology for Humans

Whatever your goal, kinesiology can tap into, and smooth out the unconscious obstacles that slow down your progress towards your desired goals. The things that keep us stuck in old patterns are often hidden – like our deep held beliefs, accumulated stress, or old hurts and disappointments. We might have forgotten them on the conscious level but they are still persisting within our energetic blueprint affecting our emotions, our physical wellness, and our choices in life.

Kinesiology delivered results in a range of client goals, such as: reducing physical pain, sleeping better, sticking to a fitness routine, loosing weight, improving relationships, completing a project that became stuck… and so on.

Session length: 1.5 hours

Session cost: $120

Kinesiology for Animals

Kinesiology can be used as a powerful tool to support our pets or even wild animals.

Animals have their own stressors. These might be the result of our urban lives, previous life experiences, separation from the primary carer or from another animal in the family, bullying from another animal, insufficient exercise – and many more.

To work on animals, kinesiology uses special protocols where a human is surrogating for the animal. The animal doesn’t even need to attend the practice but if practical it can be interesting for the carer to observe the animal while the session is progressing.

The process is completely safe for both human surrogate and the animal client.

Session length: 1.5 hours

Session cost: $120

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